Draft Controls

Using the Berg TAP2™ system to control over-pour, waste, ‘give-a-ways’ and unauthorized drinking of draft beer could mean greater profit potential over bottled or canned beer. Installation of the compact TAP2 is quick and easy for both new or existing draft beer systems even when there are multiple taps enabling you to quickly realize the TRUE profit potential of draft beer.

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Berg TAP2™

The Berg TAP2™ incorporate an industry-proven CIP beer faucet to assure pouring reliability, ease of cleaning and simple service procedures. Beer is metered and dispensed by volume or time to eliminate over-pouring.

The easy to use seven-button tap head allows up to eight programmable portion sizes, as well as CANCEL, REPEAT, Add-A-Head and PAUSE functions. A REPEAT function allows the bartender to efficiently dispense any number of the same portion size by pausing slightly after each pour. Bartenders won’t have to press a pause button four times to pour four of the same size drink. The PAUSE function allows a pour to be interrupted, and then resumed, simply by pressing the button again. Add-A-Head lets you top off any drink, giving it that “full serving” look.

To compliment the complete line of Berg Liquor Control Systems and offer the best, competitively priced draft beet system available, the Berg TAP2™ incorporates a proprietary Dispenser Network (DN). This unique network design allows POS terminals and/or a PC to be connected directly to the network. With the new DN Infinity ECU options, the network can also be interfaced with Berg’s INFINITY software to provide automatic price/portion adjustments for scheduled parties, happy hours, holidays or special events – 24/7, as well as full access to reports on sales, portions by brand, price levels, complimentary pours and summaries.

Berg TAP2™

Realize The TRUE Profit Potential of Draft Beer!


  • Enclosure: High-strength engineered plastic on a rugged stainless steel frame
  • Dimensions: 4.0”(102mm)H x 2.25”(57mm)W x 3.25”(83mm) D
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs (.37Kg)
  • Keypad: Rugged, 7 button, backlit, moisture-proof
  • Security: Head key lock – no uncounted pours
  • Faucet: Standard beer dispense style with unique clean-in-place design
  • Operational Type: Open & Close with a servo motor
  • Number of Portion Sizes: 8 including add-a-heads
  • Portion Volume: Unlimited
  • Flow Rate: As defined by beer system
  • Controls: Portion size with Repeat, Alternate Size & Cancel
  • Electrical: 12V at head (from Dispenser Network Power Supply)
  • Distance from Power Supply: 16 Taps = 25’, 8 Taps = 50’, 4 Taps = 100
  • Communications: Dispenser Network – power and communication in one cable
  • Other: Manual OFF lever – in case of power failure. Accommodates standard 3/8” – 16 beer dispense handle


  • Easy to use, seven button tap head provides up to eight portion sizes with alternate size mode, plus cancel and repeat functions
  • Retrieve basic brand pour data or run a full range of management reports
  • Provides multiple levels of security assistance
  • Accurate, consistent pour sizes
  • Counts each size poured
  • Each pour rings up at POS
  • Lockable when bar is closed


  • Three Configurations available: Stand-alone tap stations, networked with POS terminals, or interfaced to Berg’s Infinity Software
  • Can be installed on any new or existing remote or direct-draw draft beer installations
  • Compact tap head design – fits existing multi-tap arrangements
  • Provides pouring reliability with ease of cleaning (CIP) and simple procedures
  • One DN Power Supply can accommodate up to 24 tap heads and two POS terminals
  • Easy to use, seven-button tap head provides up to eight portion sizes with alternate size mode, plus cancel and repeat functions
  • Continual system control – even with beer pressure variations and/or power distribution
  • Retrieve basic brand pour data or run a full range of management reports through Infinity Software
  • Dispenses beer, wine, or margaritas without modification
  • Measures and dispenses be volume or time
  • Not susceptible to electrical noise or static discharge
  • Optional Flowmeters can be used to provide empty-keg sensing and the best portion control accuracy

You Have Absolute:

Portion Control

You set the portions dispensed, not the bartender. Get the maximum number of drinks per bottle based on the portion programmed and dispensed.

Cash Control

When interfaced to a compatible POS or Cash Register, every drink poured is rung directly to the POS or Cash Register, while being poured, at its correct price, ensuring that the cash due for all items poured is collected.

Quality Control

Every drink is the same portion and ingredients as per your specifications. The experience level of the bartender is no longer a factor in the taste or presentation of a Shot, Cocktail or Draft Beer portion.

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