Berg DN Laser™

Touch screen technology, laser fast pouring for your most popular brands and cocktails. Increase productivity of current staffing levels, faster service during peak periods, increased customer satisfaction from consistent tasting drinks and cocktails every time and laser system creates centralized inventory management which improves bottom line profits.

Berg DN Laser ™ Gun/Tower System Liquor Control System | Bar Beverage Control Systems of Florida

You Have Absolute:

Portion Control

You set the portions dispensed, not the bartender. Get the maximum number of drinks per bottle based on the portion programmed and dispensed.

Cash Control

When interfaced to a compatible POS or Cash Register, every drink poured is rung directly to the POS or Cash Register, while being poured, at its correct price, ensuring that the cash due for all items poured is collected.

Quality Control

Every drink is the same portion and ingredients as per your specifications. The experience level of the bartender is no longer a factor in the taste or presentation of a Shot, Cocktail or Draft Beer portion.


Berg DN Laser™

Fast and easy for your bartenders to use. And gives you total control and accountability for every drink poured.

  • Consistent drinks and recipes poured every time
  • Eliminates over pouring, spillage and other losses
  • Up to 16 beverages or liquor brands dispensed per Laser liquor gun
  • Up to 48 cocktails per Laser liquor gun with as many as 5 brands dispensing at once
  • Remote reservoir houses liquor bottles - never run out during a shift
  • Save more using larger (1.75L) liquor bottles
  • Secure back room inventory
  • Lockable when bar is closed
  • High speed, extremely fast pouring
  • Up to 30%-50% faster than your best bartender with 100% accuracy

And all of this in an easy to use, affordable liquor control system that typically pays for itself in 3 to 6 months!

Bar Beverage Control Systems of Florida Liquor Control Systems: Laser Gun System

Laser Gun System

  • Traditional keypad provides familiar “easy to use” format
  • 6-16 Brands per Gun with 4 programmable portions per brand
  • 48 Cocktails by recipe (2 to 5 ingredients)

Laser Touch System

  • Configurable touch screen technology
  • 6-16 Brands per Gun with 4 programmable portions per brand
  • 48 cocktails by recipe (2 to 5 ingredients)
  • Dynamically adjusts price and portion size to daily bar cycles such as “Happy Hour”
  • POS interface and PC reporting via Berg Infinity software
  • Accurate simultaneous brand pouring capability
  • Closed loop flow maintains continuous calibration regardless of fluctuations in pressure, temperature, and viscosity
  • Berg enhanced dispenser network integrates all components to allow cross cocktailing
Bar Beverage Control Systems of Florida Liquor Control Systems: Laser Touch System

The Perfect System for:

Bar Beverage Control Systems and Berg ensure that Bar operators control all aspects of their Alcoholic Beverage operations by eliminating overpouring, give aways, cash theft, brand switching and almost all other overt and covert activities that reduce profit at today’s bars.
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Night Clubs
  • Stadiums & Sports Centers
  • Festivals
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Golf & Country Clubs
  • Gentlemen's Clubs